Bonsucro CEO leaves company

Nick Goodall, who was Bonsucro‘s CEO ever since its inception, left the chair last month. He is being replaced by Natasha Schwarzbach until the organization finds another CEO.


Goodall was the organization’s CEO since march 2014 and before that worked as CEO at the UK’s Renewable Fuels Agency.  Right now, according to its linkedin profile, he is “Taking a break”. No reason was given about his depart.


Bonsucro is a non-profit organisation dedicated certifiying sugarcane production. It is the first global metric standard for sugarcane. The organzation has a membership of nearly 200 members from 27 countries representing all areas of the sugarcane supply chain.


Under Goodall’s rule, the organization promoted sugarcane as a sustainable feedstock and certified diverse products which used one way or another a sugarcane-derived product, such as “kibon” icecreams in Brazil.