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Wageningen University’s PhD research on algae rewarded


EABA is glad to announce that the circle of Europe-based scientific experts in the field of algae cultivation is constantly enlarging. Wageningen University – the internationally leading university with study programmes and research in the field of healthy food and the living environment – is the alma mater of Maria Cuaresma Franco, who was awarded €5000 for her PhD research on May 13th, 2013. The prize for the new doctoral graduate of the Dutch university was funded by the Izaak Korteweg and Anna Ida Overwater Fund.To access the research document entitled “Cultivation of microalgae in a high irradiance area”, please click here.


Chilean brown algae farming project offers unique potential to diversify aquaculture


The Chilean Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development (FONDEF) has recently announced it will launch, beginning in June 2013, the “Towards a World Aquaculture” (HUAM) project aiming at developing small-scale aquaculture of brown algae, commonly referred to as ‘kelp’.  Dubbed “Towards a World Aquaculture” (HUAM), the program is designed to last 30 months with the objective to increase the profitability of algae cultivation in the Chilean Coquimbo region and improve organized artisanal fishermen’s quality of life. Professor Julio Vasquez Castro (from the Department of Marine Biology, Faculty of Marine Sciences at the Catholic University of the North) will utilise the hanging rope cultivation for the project, which will have a significant impact on the sustainability of the abalone industry, reducing the bottleneck restricting its growth and generating a sustainable food supply. To learn more about the project visit FONDEF’s official website.

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