EUBREN becoming member of EUBIA

In EUBIA’s Newsletter in December 2014, it was announced that the 18 Research institution joined EUBREN is now became members of EUBIA:

“Dear EUBIA Members,

As 2014 nears its end, we look back at our major achivements of this period.

In 2014 3 new Enterprises joined EUBIA and 18 new Research Institutions joined EUBREN, the European Biomass Research Network developed , becoming members of EUBIA as well.

EUBREN is one of the largest operation carried out by EUBIA in this year 2014 and it clearly represents how the association is growing and extending its network.

The growth of the association means new partnerships and new project opportunities for every member.

We strongly believe that, thanks to our members contribution, the association will increase its opportunities to find new projects, to enhace valuable synergies among different biomass actors, to represent and defend the position of the biomass sector in Europe and to actively participate in the development of new technologies and policies.

The EUBIA staff takes the opportunity to whish you a happy and prosperous holiday season!

Please find below our last reports and the link to the new EUBREN web site.” 

EUBREN website: