Regular project meetings:

Meeting schedule Topic Venue Date
M00 Kick-off meeting Budapest 26-27.01.2012
M03 Technical Meeting Wageningen 19-20.04.2012
M06 General Meeting Madrid 25-26.06.2012
M09 Technical Meeting Szeged 27-28.09.2012
M12 General Meeting Ljubljana 10-11.01.2013
M15 Technical Meeting Budapest 05.03.2013
M18 General Meeting Brussels 23-24.05.2013
M21 Technical Meeting Cranfield 04.09.2013
M24 General Meeting Madrid 27-28.01.2014
M27 General Meeting Budapest 01-02.04.2014
M30 Technical Meeting Urla 25.06.2014
M33 General Meeting Almazan 23-24.09.2014
M36 Final meeting Budapest 09-11 December 2014



The 23rd European Biomass Conference & Exhibition


Japan Biomass Power Market


2015 6th AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference

  • Date: 04-06 May 2015
  • Venue: Brussels, Belgium


Africa Energy Indaba 2015


Lignofuels 2015




    Passed events:

    2014 8th International Algae Congress


    2014 EABA Conference


    2014 European Biodiesel Board General Assembly 

    • Date: 26-27 November 2014
    • Venue: Brussel, Belgium


    19th European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference 


    Presentation of the ALGADISK Cultivation Technology 

    • Date: 12 November 2014
    • Venue: Brussel, Belgium



    RBO Consortium General Assembly and Annual Conference



    2014 Algae Biomass Summit


    7th Biofuels International Conference

    Focusing on the latest developments in biofuels policy, international biofuels trading, sustainability, solutions for first generation producers, progress in advanced biofuels and information on feedstock pricing and trends. This 2 day conference will both educate and stimulate.


    2014 Saudi Agriculture

    • Date: 7-10 September 2014
    • Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC) 


    2014 ICAB



    2014 16th European Congress on Biotechnology

    • Date: 13-16 July 2014
    • Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland


    Algae EMEA Summit 2014


    World Bioenergy 2014


    AlgaePARC Open Workshop

    Join the open workshop of AlgaePARC to catch up with the latest developments in algae research at Wageningen UR. In this workshop we will present our vision, activities, achievements and future plans – which we would like you to join. Also, based on recent research, we will give an estimate of  algae production costs and an outlook on business perspectives for algal products. Register here for the workshop.


    Microalgae Process Design: from cell to photobioreactors

    The waters of the world, oceans, seas, rivers, creeks, lakes and even ice, house a tremendous variety of microorganisms able to use light as the only source of energy to fuel metabolism. These unicellular organisms, microalgae and cyanobacteria, have the potential to produce a variety of products. 
    Among them are therapeutic proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and pigments. In addition to these high-value products, microalgae are regarded as one of the most promising resources for the production of bulk products such as food and feed lipids, food and feed proteins, base chemicals and energy sources for the industry, and possibly even biofuels. 
    To make economical large-scale production of such bulk products possible, optimal design of bioreactor and cultivation strategy are essential. This process design has specific demands because sunlight, or artificial light, is used.

    Course aim
    This course provides the essential skills for designing optimal microalgae-based production processes, for both research and commercial purposes.


      Developing sustainable, biomass chains in a growing biobased economy: lessons learnt and challenges ahead


      22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition


      Algae Event 2014

      Both macro- and microalgae are increasingly being considered as a useful source of biomass for a number of industrial purposes. The aim of this one day event will be to get a better understanding on how algae fit into the current biomass industry and how they could contribute to a sustainable bioeconomy in the future. Therefore technological but also legislative bottlenecks should be addressed.

      Bioenergy Commodity Trading

      Young Algaeneers Symposium 2014

      European Algae Biomass

      Alg'n'Chem 2014

      World Biofuels Markets 2014

      World Biomass Power Markets

      International Algae Congress 2013

      ESBF 1st Workshop

      EABA Expo & Conference

      Bio Europe 2013

       3rd AlgaeWorld Australia

      Bioenergia – Bioenergy Exhibition & Conference 2013

      The Renewables Event

      Biofuels International Conference 2013

      Energy from waste 2013

      EABA Expo and Conference 2013

      21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

      European Biodiesel 2013

      3rd International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and      Bioproducts

      ACI Biochemicals and Bioplastics 2013

      3rd European Algae Biomass Conference


      Algae World MENA

      Algae Technology Platform

      Algae Europe 2012


      5th Algae World Asia


      6th International Algae Congress 2012


      8th Annual World Biofuels Markets

      European Biomass to Power


      Algae Technology Platform


      Algae Europe 2012

      5th Algae World Asia


      5th EU Biomass Market Forum


      Algae Europe 2012

      1st Platts Biofuels Conference 2012

      3rd AEBIOM EU Bioenergy Conference 2012

      EU BC&E 2012

      European Workshop Biotechnology of Microalgae

      Advances is Modern Phycology

      ACI's European Algae Biomass

      3rd Biomass Trade and Power

      World Biofuels Markets

      Fuels of the Future 2012

      European Workshop Biotechnology of Microalgae

      • Date: 29-30 November 2011
      • Venue: MCE Congress Centre, rue de l’Aqueduc, 118, 1050 in Brussels (Belgium)
      • Website:

      ESF-BU-CeBiTec Conference