Microalgae: an opportunity for EU’s bioeconomy

The European Union has recently adopted an ambitious strategy for developing the Bioeconomy. In this context, microalgae represent an emerging biological resource of great importance for its potential applications in different fields, in particular as a new source of valuable nutrients for human and animal consumption.

In the food and feed market, microalgae are currently used both as dried whole algae and for the extraction of high-value supplements and colorants. Although the total production volumes and market size of food and feed supplements/nutraceuticals derived from microalgae are still relatively small with respect to alternative sources, the sector has seen impressive growth.

Microalgae-based molecule show specific advantages over their synthetic and traditional alternatives, including better product quality related to their chemical conformation, which makes micro-algae a commercially viable source for the food sector, despite the higher production costs. Indeed, according to the report’s experts analysis, many European producers are stepping into the micro-algae-based high-value molecules markets, with large European multinational firms already beginning to acquire leading microalgae producers worldwide.

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